15 April 2021

Climate Emergency: Truth and Action


On 15th April 2021 a panel made up of:

Seema Khan and Tami Kellogg from Citizens' Climate Lobby,
Deb Wild from Mothers Out Front,
Allen McGonagill, Extinction Rebellion
discussed the topic and answered questions from WomenExplore participants.

Below is the "Chat" from this meeting.

11:53 Tami Kellogg/Citizens' Climate Lobby: Join CCL: citizensclimatelobby.org 
Check out the bill: energyinnovationact.org
Call every month to Congress: cclusa.org/mcc
Write your congressperson: cclusa.org/write

11:53 Tami Kellogg/Citizens' Climate Lobby: Tami Kellogg - tami@citizensclimate.org
11:55 Tami Kellogg/Citizens' Climate Lobby: Seema Khan - khan.seema@gmail.com

12:02 Tami Kellogg/Citizens' Climate Lobby: Wonderful work!! You all get so much done.

12:11 Tami Kellogg/Citizens' Climate Lobby: I just love this! XR is so creative and unstoppable. Thank you for pushing hard.

12:12 Barb V: And it receives fun media coverage!

12:12 Allen (XR, he/him): Newburyport action: https://xrmass.org/action/emergency-everywhere-newburyport-part-2/ 
Earth Day Action: https://xrmass.org/action/earth-day-celebration-2021/ 
Orientation: https://xrmass.org/action/xr-orientation-4-26/

12:12 Allen (XR, he/him): My email - allen.mcgonagill@gmail.com

12:13 Deb Wild/Mothers Out Front: deborahwild@comcast.net or www.mothersoutfront.org

12:14 Allen (XR, he/him): Great to see both Deb and Seema's presentation! That work is so important in keeping our voice loud and well represented in political decisions :)

12:26 Tami Kellogg/Citizens' Climate Lobby: Here is one of our chapter speakers talking about the pandemic and climate change, and how we have denied the severity in both cases... 
12:27 Tami Kellogg/Citizens' Climate Lobby: (David Cash, from U.Mass Boston)

12:43 Allen (XR, he/him): Berkeley has a great carbon calculator, so you can see what the biggest components of your carbon footprint are: https://coolclimate.berkeley.edu/calculator

< p>12:46 Tami Kellogg/Citizens' Climate Lobby: John Oliver did a great bit about plastic recycling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fiu9GSOmt8E

12:49 Tami Kellogg/Citizens' Climate Lobby: "I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.” -E.B. White
12:50 Tami Kellogg/Citizens' Climate Lobby: To save it, or to savor it?

12:53 Tami Kellogg/Citizens' Climate Lobby: Deb's last comments about staying positive and turning despair into action embody resilience!

12:55 Allen (XR, he/him): Love that answer!

12:56 Tami Kellogg/Citizens' Climate Lobby: A woman doing this: https://myplasticfreelife.com/

12:56 Mary Ann Serra: Thank you to each of the speakers for the great information you’re giving us today and for the work you do

12:57 Allen (XR, he/him): Cleenland: https://www.cleenland.com/

13:00 Tami Kellogg/Citizens' Climate Lobby: I love a solution that demands financial/economic accountability. Magic.

13:07 Susan Hardy: Has anyone used Terracycle?
13:07 Susan Hardy: https://www.terracycle.com/en-US/
13:08 Allen (XR, he/him): I've used Terracycle. They are a good example of trying to aggregate otherwise unused waste streams.
13:09 Susan Hardy: Thank you Allen.

13:09 Allen (XR, he/him): A fun fact. BP popularized the term "Carbon Footprint" to shift the conversation towards individuals: https://mashable.com/feature/carbon-footprint-pr-campaign-sham/

13:11 Tami Kellogg/Citizens' Climate Lobby: Paula, express your frustration to your Congressperson and your Senators. Tell them you don't know what to do. Ask them to create legislation that will make what is healthy the cheaper thing.

13:13 Tami Kellogg/Citizens' Climate Lobby: cclusa.org/write

13:17 Tami Kellogg/Citizens' Climate Lobby: The EnROADS simulator is amazing. We use it to show Congress what the most effective actions are. It's POWERFUL.

13:17 Linda Legge: Ival - will you please send that chart to Martha to distribute to the rest of us?

13:20 Deb Wild/Mothers Out Front: a single countertop induction stove cooker is cheap - you can buy one at Best Buy for about $80 - I plan to buy one and try it out (I prefer cooking eggs on gas myself but I'm willing to try to convert)

13:23 Barb V: Just received a text telling me that since Citizens United, the fossil fuel companies have spent $907 million to influence American elections.  The text encouraged me to contact my legislatures.
13:23 Allen (XR, he/him): That's great Barb! Thank you for sharing that.
13:24 Mary Ann Serra: Astounding!

13:28 Tami Kellogg/Citizens' Climate Lobby: This has been one of the best groups I have had the privilege to speak with. You all asked really thoughtful and personally impactful questions. (((Thank you))) for having us.

13:28 Seema Khan - Citizens' Climate Lobby: I agree, it has been such a pleasure to join you all today~

13:29 Allen (XR, he/him): Really great to be with such wonderful climate organizers. And this group that had such thoughtful questions and responses. Very much appreciated the dialogue.

13:29 Linda Legge: Thanks to all the speakers - this was a wonderfully informative forum!

13:29 Deb Wild/Mothers Out Front: Many thanks to WomenExplore and my co-panelists for a great session. So honored to be in community with you. Feel free to let me know if you have follow up questions. We are here to help and encourage!

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