03 September 2013

Sylvia's Plea for Peace

Dear Friends,
          At this critical time in our history it's so important to pull out all the stops and convince our elected officials that We The People will not tolerate another Mideast disaster.  As former Green-Rainbow candidate for President said at last Saturday's rally on the Boston Common, we can win this one.  So let's work through the international community to bring the purveyors of chemical weapons to justice, provide humanitarian aid to the region, take a strong stand for non-violence, and network like there's no tomorrow.
    This letter I'm trying to send to President Obama, Senators Warren and Markey, Representative Capuano, and anyone else I can think of.


All the best, in Love, Peace and Solidarity,



Dear President Obama,

            I am deeply concerned about the prospect of a US military strike in Syria.  What about Article I Section 8 of the Constitution that explicitly gives Congress the authority to declare war?  Since a majority of the American people oppose military intervention there - and by the way put you into office – shouldn’t you pay attention to their wishes?

           It is so ironic that right at the time of commemorating the famous 1973 March on Washington you are on the verge of ignoring its message altogether.  Dr. King stood for job equality and saw the Vietnam War as an assault on humanity.  And as a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, how can you go against its very premise?

            Please think very carefully before leading our country into yet another misguided Mideast conflagration.

Thank you.
                                                                        Sylvia Gilman
                                                                                        Cambridge, MA

3 September 2013