25 October 2009


Welcome to TOP's brand new blog!

Cheryl Suchors is now taking on the task of writing a blog on the topic of the week, starting with how we might respond to bullying. This will be followed by postings on the stereotyping of women and the evolving meaning of feminism. We look forward to hearing what she has to say. We are hoping to stimulate a lively discussion around these issues and that the blog will provide a forum for the women of TOP and the wider community. So if you want to add your two bits to what Cheryl has said please post your comments and add your voices to the dialogue.

Susan Nulsen

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  1. This is not as simple as I had hoped.

    I cannot post a comment using my comcast username. I need to use my gmail.com account. AOL accounts should work, as should any of the others listed in the drop-down "Comment as:" menu.

    If your user name gives error messages, you can sign up for a Google Account. Select "Google Account" below. It IS a nuisance, but you only need to do it once.

    An additional hurdle is the "eyesight test" (otherwise know as word verification) where you have to decipher a nonsense word written in distorted characters. This is to ensure that vandals cannot use their computers to post unwelcome comments to this blog.

    Best of luck! Keep those comments coming.